About Us


We all have reasons for why we love Japan right? It could be a love for the history and ancient temples, or the stunning tranquil gardens, or even the otaku culture. Whatever it may be, we at TobuGuru can completely relate to any interest you may have.

You see, we have a special love of Japan. Through personal travels to the country, love of Japanese culture, and Japanese language, we want to bring to you the beauty Japan has to offer. For that reason is why we create Japan Itineraries that fit your personal interests of Japan. Whatever your interest may be, we’ve got it covered in our Itineraries.

Our Japan Itineraries are modular. Meaning you can choose to bundle a few Itineraries together to complete one whole amazing and unforgettable trip to Japan. We want you to make the most out of your once in a lifetime trip to Japan. So to make things easier, we’ve put every little detail from our Itineraries into one app. So everything you need is right there in your phone.

Not only will our Japan Itineraries provide you with a magnificent trip, but our written articles can too. In our articles we talk about the best sights to see with personal recommended tips and suggestions.

Discover what Japan has to offer here at TobuGuru, your Japan Travel Guru.