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Cherry Blossom Japan 2019 Guide

Cherry Blossom Japan 2019 Guide

Cherry Blossom Japan 2019 Guide

Traveling to Japan this year for cherry blossom season? Then this article is perfect for you! This Cherry Blossom Japan 2019 Guide is meant to help you plan out and prepare for your cherry blossom trip!

There are 100s and 100s of cherry blossom spots throughout Japan and it can be hard to figure out where you want to see the cherry blossoms most. That is why in this article I have provided you with a list of top places to see cherry blossoms.

And not only did I give you that, but I also created a table for you with the best locations ALL THROUGHOUT Japan to see the cherry blossoms. The table includes the dates that are best to view the cherry blossoms too.

So I hope you enjoy learning about cherry blossom season with this article and hope it can provide value to you in some way for your 2019 trip!

If you want to read more about cherry blossoms in detail, feel free to check out our other article here.


This Cherry Blossom Japan 2019 Guide Includes:

1.    Japan Cherry Blossom Tradition

2.    Hanami Viewing Tips

3.    Where Do Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Japan?

4.    Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Japan: Top Locations

5.    Cherry Blossom Viewing Time Table



1. Japan Cherry Blossom Tradition

The cherry blossom, known as sakura in Japan, is a symbol to the Japanese of human life and transient beauty.

Cherry blossom viewing, which is called hanami in Japanese, is a Japan cherry blossom tradition that has been around for centuries. And not only does hanami refer to seeing cherry blossoms. It also means a time to gather with friends and family and, essentially, have a “party” under the pink and white cherry blossom trees.

Typically, people will have a picnic, drink, and enjoy their time among all the beautiful trees.

Additionally, there are some locations in Japan that like to illuminate the sakura trees at night. The act of viewing illuminated trees is called yozakura. Before going, check to see if the location you’d like to go to lights up their trees at night!

Japan Cherry Blossom Tradition

2. Hanami Viewing Tips

Now since you know what the Japanese hanami tradition is, I figured I could give you some hanami viewing tips. These tips are meant to make your cherry blossom Japan 2019 experience more enjoyable!

First off, if you want to have a hanami, first check by doing a quick Google search to see if it is allowed to have a hanami in the location you want to be in. Some locations will not allow for picnics under the trees.

Secondly, because sakura season is so popular in Japan, we recommend to save a spot under the trees with your picnic blanket early in the day.

This way you can reserve the area for your friends and family for however long you’d like to be there. But be sure not to take up more space than you need, as this will not seem polite in the Japanese culture.

Thirdly, be prepared for the weather. Typically cherry blossom season is during March and April. These months tend to be a little chilly!

Lastly, for your hanami viewing experience, we suggest you bring these items:

  • Picnic blanket to sit on
  • Basket of picnic food
  • Wine and a wine bag to carry it
  • Bottle opener
  • Plastic cups for wine and drinks
  • Paper plates
  • Napkins
  • Disposable wooden chopsticks
  • Garbage bags
  • Hand warmers, sweaters, warm hats, blankets or anything else to keep you warm

Things to be aware of:

  • No garbage cans
    • Please take note that garbage cans can be scarce around Japan. This means that after your hanami, you must be prepared to carry your garbage with you until a garbage can is found or until you get back to your hotel. Do not leave your garbage behind, as this is considered very rude in Japan (and pretty much everywhere).
  • Long bathroom lines
    • Also, we highly suggest to use a bathroom beforehand, as there will be long lines to use them at your cherry blossom location.

Hanami Viewing


3. Where Do Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Japan?

Cherry blossom trees bloom all throughout Japan. However, each location blooms at different times throughout the spring season. They start to go full bloom in southern Japan around March and work their way up to northern Japan until late May.

Japan has 8 regions, and a total of 47 prefectures within those regions.

japan prefectures legendjapan prefectures

So the cherry blossoms start blooming in Kyushu and Okinawa and work their way all the way up to the northern region of Hokkaido.

It may be helpful to look at this map once you know the specific locations you want to see most for your cherry blossom Japan 2019 trip.

4. Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Japan: Top Locations

Now that you have an understanding of the layout of Japan, you can take a look at this list below of top places to see sakura for your cherry blossom Japan 2019 trip.

Top Locations of Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Japan:

Tohoku Region

  • Aomori Prefecture
    • Hirosaki Castle
  • Yamanashi Prefecture
    • Chureito Pagoda
    • Lake Kawaguchiko

Kansai Region:

  • Tokyo Prefecture
    • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
    • Ueno park
    • Chidorigafuchi (also lights up at night)
  • Kyoto Prefecture
    • Philosopher’s Path
    • Maruyama Park
    • Nakanoshima Park
    • Hills of Arashiyama
  • Osaka Prefecture
    • Kema Sakuranomiya Park
    • Nishinomaru Park
  • Hyogo Prefecture
    • Himeji Castle
  • Nara Prefecture
    • Mount Yoshino (Yoshinoyama)

Hokkaido Region

  • Hokkaido Prefecture
    • Goryokaku Park

If you want to see the absolute top 5 places for your cherry blossom Japan trip, check out the article we wrote.

5. Cherry Blossom Viewing Time Table

The list above only consists of the most popular places to see cherry blossoms.

However, we realize that this list may not be ideal for some people. You could be travelling elsewhere in Japan or you may want to go to quieter, less known spots of Japan instead.

There are definitely a lot more great spots to see sakura trees throughout Japan, which is why we made an extensive cherry blossom Japan 2019 table of more locations for you.

The cherry blossom viewing time table below consists of:

  • All 8 regions in Japan
  • The best prefectures within those regions to see cherry blossoms
  • The best locations within those prefectures to see cherry blossoms
  • The estimated first bloom date of the specific location
  • The estimated full bloom date of the specific location


The first bloom date in the table is the date that the cherry blossoms are estimated to start opening up and blooming.

The full bloom date is the date that the flowers are estimated to be fully opened up and bloomed. Typically the full bloom phase will last around one week. So plan accordingly.

These estimated dates are predictions made by the Japan Meteorological Agency. This agency publishes updates 4 times a year.

The table you currently have downloaded is the second update of estimated dates this year. This means that the dates could change slightly from this table below.

Because the dates will be updated two more times, I will update this exact same post for you!

This does not mean you have to wait to plan your trip. The dates are close enough to where you can be confident planning your vacation. But just a little disclaimer, extreme whether may throw this off. That is the risk of planning your trip around cherry blossom season.

Cherry Blossom Viewing Time Table

Prefecture Location Estimated First Bloom Date Estimated Full Bloom Date
Kyushu & Okinawa Region
Fukuoka Nishi Park 3/22 4/1
Fukuoka Fukuoka Castle/Maizuru Park 3/22 4/1
Fukuoka Uminonakamichi Seaside Park 3/22 4/1
Fukuoka Atago Shrine 3/22 4/1
Fukuoka Shiranoe Botanical Garden 3/22 4/1
Fukuoka Nokonoshima Island 3/22 4/1
Kumamoto Kumamooto Castle 3/24 4/2
Kumamoto Suizenji Koen 3/24 4/2
Nagasaki Tateyama Park 3/24 4/2
Nagasaki Sakura no Sato 3/24 4/2
Nagasaki Nagasaki Peace Park 3/24 4/2
Nagasaki Omura Park 3/24 4/2
Saga Ogi Park 3/25 4/2
Saga Karatsu Castle 3/25 4/2
Shikoku Region
Kochi Kyotan Sakura 3/22 3/30
Kochi Kochi Castle 3/22 3/30
Kochi Makino Botanical Garden 3/22 3/30
Kochi Kagamino Park 3/22 3/30
Ehime Matsumaya Castle 3/23 4/4
Ehime Hirakiyama Park 3/23 4/4
Kagawa Mt Shiude 3/28 4/5
Kagawa Kinbuchi Forest Park 3/28 4/5
Kagawa Ritsurin Garden 3/28 4/5
Kagawa Megijima Island 3/28 4/5
Chugoku Region
Tottori Tottori Castle Ruins 3/27 4/3
Tottori Inaba Senbonzakura 3/27 4/3
Tottori Minatoyama Park 3/27 4/3
Okayama Handayama Botanical Garden 3/26 4/2
Okayama Korakuen Garden & Okayama Castle 3/26 4/2
Okayama Yakebenomori Park 3/26 4/2
Okayama Asahi River Sakura Road 3/26 4/2
Hiroshima Miyajima 3/25 4/2
Hiroshima Hiroshima Peace Park 3/25 4/2
Hiroshima Shukkeien Garden 3/25 4/2
Hiroshima Hiroshima Castle 3/25 4/2
Kansai Region
Kyoto Philosopher’s Path 3/26 4/3
Kyoto Maruyama Park 3/26 4/3
Kyoto Hills of Arashiyama 3/26 4/3
Kyoto Haradani-en Garden 3/26 4/3
Kyoto Keage Incline 3/26 4/3
Kyoto Nakanoshima Prk 3/26 4/3
Kyoto Heian Shrine 3/26 4/3
Osaka Osaka Castle 3/26 4/3
Osaka Kema Sakuranomiya Park 3/26 4/3
Osaka Nishinomaru Park 3/26 4/3
Osaka Osaka Mint Bureau 3/26 4/3
Osaka Expo 70 Park 3/26 4/3
Osaka Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park 3/26 4/3
Nara Nara Park 3/27 4/3
Nara Mt Yoshino 3/27 4/3
Nara Yoshimizu Shrine 3/27 4/3
Nara Mt Wakakusa 3/27 4/3
Hyogo Himeji Castle 3/28 4/5
Hyogo Shukugawa Park 3/28 4/5
Hyogo Akashi Park 3/28 4/5
Shiga Hikone Castle 4/1 4/7
Shiga Ho Park 4/1 4/7
Shiga Lake Biwa Canal 4/1 4/7
Shiga Kaizu Osaki 4/1 4/7
Chubu Region
Nagano Takato Castle Park 4/9 4/15-22
Nagano Kaikoen Garden 4/9 4/15-22
Nagano Garyu Koen 4/9 4/15-22
Nagano Matsumto Castle 4/9 4/15-22
Niigata Takeda Castle 4/7 4/15-22
Niigata Muramatsu Park 4/7 4/15-22
Niigata Hakusan Park 4/7 4/15-22
Ishikawa Kenrokuen Garden 4/3 4/9
Ishikawa Kanazawa Castle Park 4/3 4/9
Ishikawa Daishoji River Boat 4/3 4/9
Ishikawa Kazuemachi Geisha Street 4/3 4/9
Aichi Nagoya Castle 3/24 4/2
Aichi Yamazaki River 3/24 4/2
Aichi Tsurama Park 3/24 4/2
Aichi Togokusan Fruit Park 3/24 4/2
Aichi Gojo River Bank 3/24 4/2
Yamanashi Northern Shores Lake Kawaguchi & Nagasaki Park 3/26 4/3
Yamanashi Takeda Srine 3/26 4/3
Yamanashi Oboshi Park 3/26 4/3
Yamanashi Chureito Pagoda 3/26 4/3
Yamanashi Iyashi no Sato 3/26 4/3
Yamanashi Oshino Hakkai 3/26 4/3
Kanto Region
Tokyo Shinjuku Gyoen National Park 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Ueno Park 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Chidorigafuchi 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Kitanomaru Park 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Sumida Park 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Yoyogi Park 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Asukayama Park 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Meguro River 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Inokashira Park 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Koganei Park 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Rikugien Garden 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Koishikawa Korakuen Garden 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Roppongi Sakurazaka 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Kinuta Park 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Imperial Palace East Gardens 3/23 3/30
Tokyo Showa Kinen Park 3/23 3/30
Kanagawa Odawara Castle 3/28 4/4
Kanagawa Kinugasayama Park 3/28 4/4
Kanagawa Sankeien Garden 3/25 4/1
Kanagawa Sagamiko Resort 3/28 4/4
Kanagawa Miyagino Hayakawa River 3/28 4/4
Kanagawa Mitsuike Park 3/25 4/1
Kanagawa Negishi Shinrin Park 3/25 4/1
Kanagawa Minato Mirai 21 3/25 4/1
Chiba Mobara Park 4/3 4/9
Chiba Naritasan Park 4/3 4/9
Gunma Akagi Senbonzakura 3/28 4/4
Gunma Takasaki Castle Ruins 3/31 4/6
Gunma Maebashi Park 3/28 4/4
Tohoku Region
Aomori Hirosaki Park 4/23 4/27
Aomori Ashino Park 4/23


Aomori Komakaido 4/23 4/27
Akita Kakunodate 4/17 4/21
Iwate Kitakami Tenshochi 4/20 4/26
Iwate Takamatsu Park 4/20


Fukushima Hanamiyama Park 4/9 4/13
Fukushima Miharu Takizakura 4/9 4/13
Fukushima Shinobuyama Park 4/9 4/13
Fukushima Natsui River Senbonzakura 4/9 4/13
Fukushima Tsuruga Castle 4/9 4/13
Yamagata Okitama Cherry Blossoms Road 4/15 4/19
Yamagata Kajo Park 4/15 4/19
Yamagata Tsuroka Park 4/15 4/19
Miyagi Hitomesenbon Sakura 4/11 4/16
Miyagi Shiroishi Riverside 4/11 4/16
Miyagi Mikamine Park 4/11 4/16
Miyagi Tsutsujigaoka Park 4/11 4/16
Miyagi Ogawara Park 4/11 4/16
Hokkaido Region
Hokkaido Matsumae Park Late April Mid May
Hokkaido Goryokaku Park 5/3 5/8
Hokkaido Maruyama Park 5/4 5/8
Hokkaido Nijukken Road Cherry Blossoms Early May Mid May
Hokkaido Odori Park 5/4 5/8
Hokkaido Nakajima Park 5/4 5/8

We hope you enjoy your vacation with this thorough Cherry Blossom Japan 2019 Guide!

If you want to know Japanese Words to know when visiting Japan, check out our article!

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Cherry Blossom Japan 2019 Guide

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